You will experience a positive increase in wisdom, favour, anointing, financial and material possessions. The Lord will increase His peace, love and joy in your life. Go ahead with this second quarter triumphantly In Jesus' Mighty Name. Shalom! - PSD and PGD

Personal Prophecies for RCCG 2022: More than 80% of projects starting in 2022 will succeed. This year will be a year of the emergence of previously unknown stars. In spite of everything happening, this year will be a year of some massive breakthroughs (in science and in finance). Infant mortality rate will drop by at least 50%. Intercontinental Prophecy for 2022: The issue of migration will take a new turn in the New Year. There will be two monstrous storms (one coming from the Atlantic and one from the Pacific) unless they are weakened, the results will be terrible.

Welcome to RCCG Victory Centre for all Nations... the Lord has been manifesting His presence with miracles, signs and wonders. Surely this is a place to belong.The Lord has been enlarging our tent with parishes in Victory Centre Oxford, Victory Centre Bedford, Victory Centre Walsall, Victory Centre Lincon, Winners' World Birmingham.

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