By Pastor Segun Doherty

Bible Passage: Exodus 13:2, Numbers 3:3
“Consecrate to Me all the firstborn, whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and beast; it is Mine.” - Exodus 13:2

The position of first born and first child to God is very significant. They are considered as being representative of their family, the purest and strongest blood flows in them (Genesis 49:1-3).

Who can be treated as a first born? Every first son, every first born daughter, every first child that open the womb, every first born again child in the family can be treated as a first born.

First born enjoy special privileges because they are the might, the beginning of strength of that family, the Excellency of dignity and power of that family.

  1. They share a greater part of their parental affection.
  2. They always have the first place after their father. Genesis 43:33.
  3. They have a kind of direct authority over the younger ones. Genesis 37:2. 37:20
  4. Special blessing reserved for first born because he or she is the strength of the parent
  5. They succeed the father as the head of the family
  6. They receive double portion from the parent Deuteronomy 21:17
  7. They are included to a right of the priesthood Numbers 3:3

The redemption of the first born and first son is very crucial because they are to be separated because they belong to God. Although all children belong to God but the first born and first son hold a special place in Gods heart (Psalms 127:3)

God enacted a law that they should be given to him, redeemed. They should be presented to the lord. They are Holy unto the Lord. (Numbers 3:47, Numbers 18:15-16, Luke 2:22-38, Hebrew 1:6)

Many first borns misbehave because there is physical and spiritual attack upon them because of the special blessings upon them. So Satan doesn't want them to be at the top.

Adam - If not for the fall, man would live forever; but because of the fall, God sent man out of the Garden of Eden and guarded it with angels

Cain - Being the first born he gave an offering that is not befitting to God and then killed Abel. The spirit of Cain is envy and anger and murder.

Esau - For a plate of porridge he threw away his birthright of eternal value, he became a profane person

Moses - God saved him from pharaoh, trained him in pharaoh’s palace to carry out divine purpose and agenda but yet he didn't get to the promise land

Jesus - He was able to scale through because He was God in flesh and be able to fulfil His divine agenda.

Eli lost his children and even the children of Samuel we not spared; this is why as a parent you need to be praying for your children and most importantly the first born and the first soon.

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