By Reverend Mrs Osunkoya

Bible Passage: Isaiah 61:1-11

“He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favor has come, and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies.”
- ISAIAH 61:4

One of the key things is Isaiah 61 is about the message of jubilee. Jesus came to preach the year of the Lord’s favour in the New Testament. He brought the old jubilee to a completion and inaugurated the new jubilee; by preaching the year of the Lord’s favour in the New Testament.

It’s time for favour. God will fight your battle. He has decided that it's time to favour you and it's time to release his anger upon your enemy. The children of God are not your enemy, we only have one common enemy which is the devil. So, don’t fight anyone because our warfare is not carnal. Even though the children of God can do somethings that can make them your enemy, you shouldn’t fight them because they are not the real enemy, so you need to learn to forgive them and pray for them.

Church, the man of God must not make you his enemy. Make the work easy for him. Don’t frustrate the work of God. Make the work of God easy by uniting unto the common goal. The best celebration and gift you can give to your pastor is to support the work of God, make the work easy for him. It's not about depreciation, it's about appreciation; you are not going to push in, you will push out! By the grace of the almighty God, this church will give birth because of the Lords favour and there is an anointing above that is doing the job, that’s presence of the Holy Spirit.

The struggle in this church is shifting; and because you are the church, the struggles in your life’s are shifting in Jesus name. No struggle or trouble is greater than God’s word, so at the sound of His word, all struggle must bow. Hold on to the time of favour, and you are going to respond to it.

We are going to receive restoring and blessing. All your losses will be restored, your broken and ruined life's will be restored because the Holy Spirit is going to repair it. Anything about this church that needs the touch of God will be restored and the blessings of God will flow in this place. No longer will this church be called a gathering for discussion, but it shall be called a Gathering of Champions. The church needs to connect together; all elders and leaders of this church must pull together and move this church forward.

God says He is going to establish you, give you fulfilment and accomplishment. People of God it's favour time. Pastor, favour that you can never dream of God will give you, Church your time of favour is here (Isaiah 66:2).

How do you obtain favour? It's to believe in Jesus, not the mechanical believe but Bible faith believe. You need to move from Knowledge believe to Substance believe. Substance believe is when your conviction comes into it. It’s a fact that Jesus came in human form, it’s also a fact that He is the Son of God and died on the cross. But you need conviction to mix with these facts to believe. When your conviction mix with these facts, you will be able to do what Jesus says. Today, there will be an upgrade in your level of believe. Are you willing and ready?

The only way to have Jesus is to have a convincing believe (Proverbs 8:35; psalms 5:12). The born-again experience doesn’t end the day you gave your life to Christ, it only started on that day. So, let me say the church is a fixing center, don’t let the devil deceive you with arrogance and pride. I have a need of Jesus that's why am here. You need Jesus to touch and transform you. This can only come through the teachings and instructions.

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