By Pastor Segun Doherty

Bible Passage: Jeremiah 38:1-13, Luke 16:16

A prophet will not tell you what you want to hear but what God wants him to tell you. Jeremiah told them the message from the Lord, he told them Babylon would soon take over. If they struggled they will die and if they surrender they would live. There were some officials in the land that tagged him a traitor; saying how could he tell us God said we should submit to the enemies? They conspired against him, saying this is treason, and Jeremiah must die. The calibre of people that came up against Jeremiah were so strong, that Zedekiah couldn’t resist them. God will not make you to come in contact with those who will put your destiny down. The king told them he could do nothing so they should handle him. They then put him in a well that had no water, with no way of escape where he could have died of hunger and thirst, and there was no possibility of him being able to struggle to climb out of it.

One of the servants called Ebed-Melech rushed to the king questioning why these was being done to a man of God. Ebed-Melech was able to convince the king their act was wrong and the king instructed to take 30 men with him and bring him up. Ebed-Melech was not the expected person that should help Jeremiah in that condition. Your own helper will locate you this week in Jesus name. Press into the word today because your help is here (Luke 16:16).

If God is going to enable you to enjoy double grace for glorious liberty, it has to be through the help of God.  Everyone in life needs help. Thus far you have come is because of the help of somebody. All of us, irrespective of our present condition need assistance to fulfil our destiny. No man is an island. To be able to become what heaven wants you to be, you need help. Nobody can truly succeed in life without the help of God. What has been keeping many of us on the same level for long is because we are relying on man for help. (Psalms 108:12; Psalms 60:11; Jeremiah 17:5, 7; Psalms 121, 2 Kings 6:27).

Let our focus be on God who is the help of the helpless. From the threshing floor or the wine press, God is the only true source of help. (Psalms 46:1). It doesn’t matter what your situation is, your help is here.

Our bible passage tells us about Jeremiah’s ordeal with the principalities in the land but God sent him help from the least expected to rescue him from the pit. You are a Jeremiah here today, the least way that you cannot phantom is the way God will use to help you. A few lessons to learn are:

  1. Jeremiah delivered the message of God and not his own message. If he was there delivering his own message, he would have suffered for it (Lamentations 3:37). Whatever you do, please be afraid because our God is a just God and He must but punish sin. The message he was delivering was the judgement of Israel regarding their sinful ways and disobedience. If you want God to help you and your help to locate you, please run away from all appearances pf evil. Every deed is a seed.
  2. The princess of the land reported him to the king and he was thrown into the pit. Jeremiah ran into problem while carrying out the divine assignment. If you carry divine assignment and glorious destiny and you are on the Lord’s side, know that you will be challenged, criticized, lied against; you may be reported to higher authority and they may want to get rid of you. In your quest to fulfil that destiny, you may encounter certain trouble from the enemy, but I can assure you that victory has already been guaranteed by God in Christ Jesus. (Jeremiah 38:4-7; Isaiah 54:15; 1 Corinthians 15:57)
  3. God is everywhere, He’s called the omnipresent God. He is listening wherever a gathering is being made against you, and He will arrange their punishment. Whosoever says that you will not become what God has declared will carry the punishment because your help is here. (Psalms 139; Zechariah 9:11)
  4. God can use the least expected medium to help His children. God wants you to understand that He can use anybody to rescue you from the enemy. God used a servant, Ebed-Melech, not one of the princess or princesses or one of those who mattered most, to rescue Jeremiah. When there was famine and the brook dried up for Elijah, God told him to go to Zarepphath, there He has prepared him a widow. Why a widow? How much will a widow have in her house? Why not a millionaire that had stock piled before everything went bad? Why not the chief supply officer? Why a widow? To let you know that when God wants to handle the miraculous, He uses the ridiculous. So, he prepared Ebed-Melech for the help to remove Jeremiah from the pit. I pray for you, you will not miss the one God has sent to help you.
  5. God will rescue His own with dignity. Jeremiah was brought out of the dungeon, your help is here! God can save from the “gutter-most” to the uppermost. He’s here to help you and he will help you with dignity. When they threw the three Hebrews into the fiery furnace, the heat killed those that threw them in, but the Hebrews didn’t get burn (Daniel 23: 10-25). Dignity followed by Zebuchadnezzar decreeing only the God of Shadrach, Meshac and Abed-Nego must be served  in the land and they got promoted (Daniel 3:28-30)

No matter the issue you are encountering, be encouraged, your help is here. You will celebrate because God will stand and fight for you. Whatever shame you have encountered will turn to glory and honour in Jesus name. May God answer you in the day of trouble; may the name of Jehovah defend you; because your help is here, He will send you help from His sanctuary and He will strengthen you out of Zion. Your help is here!

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