There Shall Be a Performance

Sunday 10th January 2016

By Pastor Segun Doherty

Bible Passage: Jeremiah 1:12, Luke 1:39-45

“Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it” – (Jeremiah 1:12)

Every spoken word of God will move your life forward. There shall be a performance.

When can we say there is a performance? There is a performance when:

  1. There is a fulfilment of an expected event;
  2. There is fulfilment of a contractual obligation;
  3. There is fulfilment of a covenant between two or more parties;
  4. There is fulfilment of a vision or a promise given by God (Luke 1; Ezekiel 12:27-28);
  5. Dry bones come back alive and become a great army (Ezekiel 37);
  6. The barren become fruitful (1 Samuel 1:6);
  7. One is made whole – spirit, soul and body (2 Kings 5:1-14);
  8. A situation of not enough turns to more than enough (2 Kings 7:1);
  9. All your enemies are consumed by the fire of God (2 Kings 1:9-14);
  10. God makes a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43:19).

What Should I do to Experience a Performance?

  1. Fear God and do not be wise in your own eyes. If you fear the Lord, it creates an avenue for God to shake your enemies (Proverbs 3:7);
  2. Stay away from sin (Romans 6:1-2; Isaiah 59:1-3);
  3. Maintain a lifestyle of holiness;
  4. Extend a hand of fellowship to the needy. Be a vessel not a container (Deuteronomy 15:11);
  5. Let your ways please the Lord. Don’t be a man pleaser but rely on God.

Results of Experiencing a Performance:

  1. Your mourning will be turned into dancing;
  2. People will gather together to celebrate you;
  3. People will glorify God for your life (Luke 1:46);
  4. You will overcome the devil (Revelation 12:11).

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