The God of miracles

By Pastor Grace Okonrede

Miracle is a divine intervention that defiles all human imagination. It generates questionable doubts that makes the doubter stupid. Miracles makes you ask yourself series of questions such as ‘is it real’? Did it happen? Can I believe this? This God is a miracle working God and He is interested in miracle. He desires that we experience miracles always. Our God is a miracle working God, He has done it before and He is still doing it. He is in the business of doing miracles. He never changes. (Hebrews 13:8, 2 Corinthians 5:19, Malachi 3:6, Numbers 23:19, Isaiah 55:10-11)

One thing God desires  is for us to live holy and peaceable with all men. When we gave our lives to God in the 1970s, we thought that no man shall see God until when the trumpet sounds but nowadays if you don’t follow peace with all men and holiness you will not see God (Hebrew 12:14). There are two things to note in this passage; when the trumpet sounds you will see God likewise while on earth you will see God in all your endeavours. Obey your leaders, your head of department where you are working for God. Don’t cause chaos, live at peace with all men. You need to experience God here on earth to be able to worship and serve him in peace. When God appears in the affairs of your life, it will be said of you that you have experienced miracle.

You can’t escape the attack of the enemies on earth. But I congratulate those that are born again because we are more than conquerors. That’s why you should give your life to Jesus. Salvation in Christ Jesus is a package of progress, peace and harmony. But nowadays it’s is not like that because people are not genuinely born again. But can you eat your cake and have it? Don’t be deceived. You must be genuinely transformed in your heart. Let God work upon your life. Salvation in Christ Jesus does not stagnate your life. The problem we have is that of our heart. If you are passing through anything, God didn’t promise that you won’t pass through. (Isaiah 43, Romans 8:37, Matthew 16:18, Jeremiah 17:9, Isaiah 54:15)

Examples to Consider

Life of Paul – While Paul lived holy, some people gathered together and took an oath they will not eat until they kill him (Acts 23). Some people are saying that about you, but they will fall for your sake in Jesus name. The enemies never repent until they die in the Red Sea. How many signs was Pharaoh shown for him to be convinced? Do you know how many signs God has shown your enemies and they still refuse? Their end is destruction, if you will cooperate with the almighty God. Anywhere they have gathered together against you and your family, as you have decided and are deciding to cooperate with God they will fall for your sake in Jesus name. Paul experienced God in his situation and they were unable to kill him. Anyone that gathers together against you, God almighty will deal with them in Jesus name. You need to see God, when you see God that is miracle for you just like Paul. (Acts 23:12-14, Hebrews 12:14, Proverbs 26:27, Isaiah 54:15)

The Three Hebrew boys – These three Hebrew men followed peace with all men and God surfaced in their situation. The idols they were asked to worship are the same as the idols of mammon today. But these men said to Nebuchadnezzar we won't bow down to you even if our God won't deliver us. Some people prefer to look good than to serve God. The Hebrew men said Our God is able to deliver us, even if He doesn't, we will go and meet Him (Daniel 3:16-18, Isaiah 43:2, Hebrews 12:14). These people were ready to die, no wonder the bible says if you lay down your life, you will have it. If you keep it, you lose it. God was patient for these men to be tied and taken into the fire. God loves you so much. In that your situation, He loves you. Don't think God has forsaken you or he hates you. No! God is looking at them because He wants to appear in your situation. (Daniel 3:20-25)

It’s not until you die that you see the Lord, He wants to appear in every situation in your life; if only you follow peace with all men. What situation are you in? Are you in the fire of life? Search your heart this morning and see if there’s no sin in your life. For God to make a room for you, for God to meet you at the point of your needs, for God to surface when they are planning against you and destroy their plans, for him to be with you in the water, for him to surface in the fire of life, you must live peaceable with all men. A lot of prayers are not answered because we stand praying with offences in our spirit. A lot of sicknesses and diseases are sown in our lives, stagnation, non-achievement, impossibility, moving round in a circle, working and having nothing to show for it. We are not moving forward because we have grudge everywhere in our heart. You can’t see God in such situation. (Mark 11:25, Proverbs 19:11)

If you are here today and you are not born again. If only you can submit and surrender your life to Jesus Christ and let Him control your life, I assure you it’s a package of progress. Not that you will not pass through water or fire, but He will be with you in the midst of it. It is the truth that you know that will sets you free!

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