By Pastor Segun Doherty

Bible Passages: Hosea 12:13, 2 Chronicles 20:20
“And by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.”Hosea 12:13

Our Bible passages establishes the role of cover over a believer. There’s no Ruth without Naomi, no Ben Idahosa without Osborn. One man’s life is a product of another man’s mantle. Our case study will be that of Elijah and Elisha. There’s an impact over your life when you stay under cover. 

What happens to you when you are under cover? 

1 Kings 19:19-21 narrates the period of the call of Elisha. It’s worth noting that Elisha from his linage wasn’t poor, he was in charge of his father’s ranch. But Elisha abandoned this to follow after Elijah.
1. When you stay under cover, you are due for generational impact. By the prophetic mantle, Elijah singled Elisha out from his family for generational impact. It is very easy to be lost in the crowd. But when you are under cover, you can be singled out by the anointing for exploit. When you are not rightly connected to your pastoral cover, you open yourself up for attack. By Elijah’s prophetic mantle, Elisha was singled out for generational impact; no wonder Elijah performed seven miracles while Elisha performed double.
2. By the commissioning of Elisha, Elijah redirected Elisha from the wrong assignment to connect with the assignment of his destiny. Elisha would have been a failure in life if he continued to be a farmer. Being a farmer instead of a mighty man of God makes a difference. Success is not success until it is in the right pathway. If Elisha had remained a farmer, he would have died doing the wrong thing. To avoid the tragedy of a wasted life, it is crucial to be under correct pastoral cover. When you are under the correct pastoral cover, you will be assigned to the correct assignment in destiny through preaching and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Your pastor is given an assignment from heaven to guide you from wrong assignment in destiny.
3. Elijah trained Elisha for his destiny and life assignment. The major role of a pastor is not just to preach but also that of a trainer. Many go to church and expect the pastor to pray for them or to pray for miracle, while I don’t dispute this; the assignment God has given your pastor is to train you but sadly many don’t want to be trained. If you can’t have the training of your pastor, can you have his mantle? No! It is the anointing your respect, that you attract.
4. Elisha got access to the mantle of his father by connection and relationship. Prophetic mantle is an inheritable mantle.
5. Elisha by connection to Elijah got the capacity to reproduce. When you are rightly connected to the pastoral cover, you receive capacity to reproduce. 

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