By Rev. Ikechukwu

God by His word promised that there shall be showers. God is not a man that will lie, whatever He says He’s going to do, He will do it. The ninth month is the month of release. If God has promised you anything in the beginning of the year, this is the time of the manifestation. So, the month of September is the month of divine showers. Children of God need to know the time of harvest, and when it comes, your duty is to enter the harvest field.

Who Qualifies for the Showers of Blessings?

A lot of people want to be blessed, which is God’s plan for us but we have to be a blessing to God. Those that qualify for showers of blessings are people who want mighty things from God. These people know how to ask God hard things knowing that it’s only God that can do it (1 Samuel 1, Philippians 3:8). Elisha prepared himself from day one in order to receive Elijah’s blessings; because he prepared himself, he knew what he was looking and waiting for (2 Kings 2:9-10, 1-12). Others are people that have focus, they know where they are going and what they want (2 Kings 2:1-12); people with passion who don’t want things half measure but complete the way that the Lord has prepared it for them. As believers, we have to learn how to present whatever we want from God (1 Kings 18:41-45). To receive showers of blessings, we need to be focused, prepare and be ready to pray until something happens, we must pay the price!

One major cause of famine is lack of rain and when the rain ceases, the earth is usually forced to mourn. Famine is inevitable. The earth with all its measures and fertility is not capable of producing or bringing forth if there is no rain from above. Rain possesses the divine ability to inject life into patched ground causing it to blossom. As the earth needs physical rain, so also do we need divine rain in our life’s as believers to bring increase in every aspect of our life.

What a believer must do for the heaven to open for abundance of rain.

For a believer to have consistent release and unlimited breakthrough, there are things we must do to access what God has planned

  1. Confess your sins: God’s blessings are conditional and he that obeys will have the manifestation. Check yourself, examine your life. Sin blocks our access to his promises. Sin attracts curses and repels blessings, this is why we must depart from iniquity immediately in order to experience showers of blessings. (Proverbs 28:13, 2 Chronicles 7:13-14)
  2. Live a life of intimate fellowship and relationship with God: A lot of people are so busy that they have no time for God, the word or fellowship. We are called for fellowship with God. God loves people that have time for Him. There are people who do not have a covenant time with God i.e. when they meet God on a daily basis. Your relationship with God should supersede that which you have with people. When you develop intimate fellowship, God will pass through you to demonstrate His power. We are not going anywhere if we don’t develop fellowship with Him. Most people don’t know the mind of God; having close relationship with God is very important. Have a covenant time with God and no matter what happens keep to that time (John 16:13). We need God’s guidance, direction and approval in whatever we do. The reason why most believers are dry and empty is because they neglect the presence of God. When you are not in close relationship with God, you have given the enemy access to do whatever they want in your life. It’s the Holy spirit that brings the presence of God and refreshing dew into the spirit man of a believer and as you relate with Him closely, He will not only energize you, He will protect, preserve, and direct you. As we cultivate consistent fellowship, showers from God are released into our life’s on daily basis. A believer who neglects consistent and deep communion with the Holy Spirit will lack the ability to bear fruit or produce result as expected. If you are not having fellowship with Him, you will discover that it affects your prayer life. When you praise Him, the earth will yield increase (Psalms 67). As we offer gratitude to God for His goodness in our life’s, things will begin to happen even the way that we never expected; even more than our expectations. If you do not learn how to offer praises at all times, you may be shutting the heaven over your head. God is looking for a thankful heart.
  3. Giving sacrificially: It was the unusual offering of Solomon that caused the heaven to open for him. Giving sacrificially is very important and it is for your own good. Sacrifice is not something that is so comfortable, it’s something that is painful; that’s why David said I will not give God something that doesn’t cost me. A sacrifice is offering something of great value. It must cost you something. It is time we put what we have learnt about sacrifice to practice because faith without work is dead. The value of an object is determined by the price you paid for it. The only way you know something is valuable to you is how much you are willing to pay for it (Psalms 126:5-6). God looked at us sinners and concluded that we are valuable to Him and that He would redeem us at all cost. God gave a price, He taught us priceless by giving the life of His only son in exchange for our salvation. In God’s eyes we are valuable, He paid a great price to invest in your life, to give you hope, a future and redeem you from perdition. My question then is, how valuable is God in your eyes? How valuable God is in your eyes is determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make for the things of God and the things of the kingdom. One of the ways God test how you value Him is by giving. God told Abraham to give Him his best, and he obeyed Him. (Ecclesiastes 11:4-6). Stretch your faith to increase your harvest!

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