Realising Your Goals and Dreams

2015-2016 Crossover message

2016: Our Year of fulfilment

By Pastor Segun Doherty

Bible passages: Matthew 11:12; 15:22-28

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” – Matthew 11:12

Life is full of battles and you need to be desperate to contact your desired goal (s). Prophecy does not come to pass on its own; you must be ready to fight for it to become a reality. Be ready to fight for your dreams and goals. In 2016, only fighters will win therefore you must be prepared to fight spiritually and in every area in order to achieve your goals. You must realise that there are some blessings that will come only when you are forceful.

God is ready to bless you beyond your expectations in 2016 but He wants you to know that good things do not come cheap. So if you want to be successful in 2016, be ready to fight. Your goals can be accomplished provided you are ready to be forceful and aggressive. Determine in your heart to be forceful and aggressive and every stumbling block in your way must shift base. God wants you to know that in 2016, observers have no place so do not be an observer. No one rewards or decorates observers because they do not make things happen but watch things happen.

In as much as God wants you to be forceful, it must be done in the godly way or else the end will be fatal. Do not walk against God’s word or will to achieve your goal. You must ensure that the way is right. If you follow the godly way, you can get what you want by His word because He honours integrity. You must not compromise in any way (Psalm 34:5) but do all you can in 2016 to achieve your goal in a godly way so that you can attract God’s attention. In addition, agree with God that your case is possible, do not give in to doubt or despair. The only tears you will shed in 2016 are tears of joy In Jesus’ Name.

8 principles that God wants you to apply in 2016 to reach your goal (Matthew 15:22-28): What God expects from you in 2016:
  1. Cry in desperation to God for what you want;
  2. Ask for mercy;
  3. Be specific about your need;
  4. Acknowledge that you have a problem or an issue that needs to be addressed;
  5. Do not let anything discourage you;
  6. Do not give in to limitation;
  7. Do not let Satan block your vision and dream;
  8. Reach your goal (Don’t rest until you do).
  • Pray desperately
  • Sing wholeheartedly
  • Fast purposefully
  • Give cheerfully and consistently
  • Speak/talk with a sense of responsibility
  • Live purposefully
  • Reason sincerely
  • Be committed totally
  • Have undivided loyalty.

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