By Pastor Segun Doherty

Bible Passage: Nehemiah 4:14

Nehemiah was a captive in a foreign land, while there, word got to him that the wall of his home country had been pulled down. Upon hearing this, Nehemiah took time to pray and fast. When Nehemiah was to minister to the king, the king noticed his countenance and asked why he was in such condition as he was never known to be like that. He sort permission to go back home to do a rebuilding work from the king. The king wrote a letter for him to have easy passage so that no one will trouble him along the journey; he also signed for the material to be used for the construction. Children of God, anytime you have a will in line with the will of God, God will always make a way.

When what you are doing isn’t hitting the agenda of God, you can be scaling through but when you carry destiny and the agenda and purpose of God is being fulfilled in your life, there will be criticism and opposition. Satan raised a Sanballat and Tobiat, they mocked them but they didn’t allow that to deter the work they were doing. They went ahead with the building despite all manner of distractions. Nehemiah called the leaders and told them that the people were planning to besiege and assassinate them at night; he said to them let’s do something as we need to fight for our families and our brothers and sisters (Nehemiah 4:7-14). If this can happen in the Bible time, we are in the most needed time to fight for our family. Church, take a look at your family, is everything going on well? Have you looked at certain situations in the family that are beyond normal? If the things around your family are beyond normal, then you need to rise up today. Do you have a school dropout in your family or drug addicts? Now is the time to fight for your family and your children because if you won’t stand to fight for what you believe in, you will fall for anything.

Our children are our tomorrow, they are the next generation. We can’t afford to leave the devil to do havoc in our family or for any member of our family not to be fulfilled in life. God has raised us for a time like this. You are God’s battle axe in that family. You need to take up in prayer anything that is not making your family to enjoy the full benefit of the blessings of the cross of Calvary. Everyone is good except under the influence of the power of darkness. If anyone in your family is going through something that is strange and not rosy, this is the time to rise up. (Ephesians 6:12)

The devil trembles when he sees the weakest believer pray on his knees because a prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian. You need to guard your spouse, children and loved ones from the attack of evil ones. God has raised us to be a shield (Ephesians 6:10-18).

The men and women of old fought for their families; therefore, you need to fight for your family. Moses fought to deliver his family and the entire nation of Israel from bondage; Noah protected his own family from the flood; Joseph despite everything they had taken him through provided for his family during famine; David killed the giant that has been pestering their life thereby preserving his brothers’ life; Esther one night before the king saved the entire nation when Haman wanted to put them into gallows and kill them; Abraham fought for Lot after he left him and became a captive of war. Maybe you are here today, you are under one bondage or the other, by today’s prayer you will be set free. Darius fought for his deadly ill daughter, he sent to Jesus that he should do something before she dies; a father brought his demon possessed son before Jesus; a mother brought her own daughter too and Jesus said we can’t give the bread of children to dogs but she said even dogs eat from the crumbs that fell from the table all because she was fighting for her daughter, immediately Jesus healed her. Whose turn is it to fight for the family if not for me and you? Are we ready to pray? It’s time for us to rise like Nehemiah to fight for your wife, husband, children and loved ones. As you do so, God will make you to be an oak tree that will cover them in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

  1. Father, I thank you for making me a battle-axe in my family.
  2. Father, in your authority I raise a standard against the power of darkness manipulating my family.
  3. Father, from today let your power destroy any spirit of anger and strife against members of my family.
  4. Father, destroy every problem which has become a label on my family.
  5. Father, every death sentence hanging on any member of our family be revoked today by the blood of Jesus.
  6. Father, in this assembly, our children will not be a servant to the enemy. We will not beg our enemy because of our children.
  7. Father from today, let the good things of this world begin to locate my child (children) by speed.
  8. Father, we decree into the lives of our children, they will be a pillar in the kingdom of God.
  9. Father I decree, no evil, stray bullet, sickness or disease will locate any of our children.
  10. Father I decree, this children will be difficult for the devil to explain. Devil will not be able to understand them, he won’t be able to stop them or destroy them.
  11. Father, none of this children will be wasted, the power of God will keep and preserve them.
  12. Father in agreement with the Holy Spirit, none of these children will be a victim of evil substitution.
  13. Father, I crush the head of every Abimelech plotting against me and my children.
  14. Father I decree today, that all our children shall not step into trouble.
  15. Father while I am still young, I will not become a widow/widower, I will not bury any of my children.
  16. Father, in the day of the joy of our children, nobody will represent the father or the mother. We will not stand one minute silence for the parents.
  17. Father our children will not be a victim for another person’s error.
  18. Father three things that accompanied my children when they came into the world (blood, crying and nakedness), will not accompany them when leaving this world. They will live to their full old age.
  19. Father from today, none of our children will be terrified anymore. We consume any power terrifying them.
  20. Father I curse every devourer over my children’s academics, health, finance, marriage, work, business and career in future.
  21. Father we will not bury any of our children, we won’t weep, sorrow or mourn over them.
  22. Father, all these our children, they are our garments, therefore I pray they shall not be ripped off by the enemy.
  23. Father, every child that sucked this breast of mine shall not be slaughtered by devils cohort.
  24. Father we cover all our children with the blood of Jesus Christ, they will always escape the trap of the enemy.
  25. Father our children will excel in their academic pursuit, failure will be a stranger to them, they will enjoy government scholarships, and kings will be their nursing father and queens their nursing mothers.

For we have prayed in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

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