Don’t let your heart fail

By Pastor Segun Doherty

And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.”- 1 Samuel 17:32

You gain strength and confidence by every experience in which you challenge fear. Situations happen around the world which puts fear in people. Violence, injustice, joblessness, insecurity and high cost of living are some of the things that put fear in people’s mind across the globe. People’s hearts are failing because things are not working as it should and many are giving up of their faith in God.

Shift your focus from what is happening in the world, because we are in the world but we are not of the world. Your faith will grow when you focus on God. 

In reference to our text, David was able to give Saul an assurance because of his past experiences. He referenced the fact that he tore a bear, killed a lion and with that confronted fear to declare that he can fight Goliath. David’s statement is a statement of courage in the face of uneasy eventualities. 

If you must win over the challenges, oppositions and pressures of life, don’t give it attention. You must have your heart strengthened through the unfailing word of God. The word of God will boost your faith and help you take the right steps towards who you have been created to be. If your heart will not fail you, you must be confident that what the word of God says is final in your life, no matter what.

Maybe you have almost been swept off by challenges of life, maybe you are being bombarded with problems and challenges that you cannot handle. You might have been thinking, “will I be able to survive this?”, the good news is God will take you through it and when the dust has settled, you will still be standing. Every experience God brings your way is for a greater tomorrow.

Draw strength from the word of God; the word of God is power and can move you against any intimidating challenge. The more the word of God in you, the weightier you are. (Colossians 3:16)

This generation has moved far away from God. That’s why we encounter so much fear, anxiety and worry. If God is on your side, nothing can overpower you. The boat of your life cannot capsize if God is in it with you. God is the master that can calm every storm in your life.

We have moved as Christians from deep fellowship with God. Many of us have neglected our primary love to concentrate on contrary and terrestrial love. Our first love should be Jesus Christ who loved us while we were yet sinners. As children of God, we need to check our lives. Are you still on the Lord’s side? Has your love for God dwindled or wax cold? Or are you longing for more of Him all the time? For a moment, stop and ask yourself, “if Jesus comes today, am I ready to go with Him?” Are you prepared? Will you be welcomed in heaven? You need to ponder upon these words and retrace your steps if you are not on the right path or have derailed from it.

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