Divine Connection to Realise Your Goals

Sunday 3rd January 2016


Bible Passage – LUKE 5:1-10

“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” Luke 5:4b

God sent people to this world so we can benefit and enhance the value of one another. There are 15 people you have to meet in this New Year that will assist in the realization of your goals.

  1. The Encouragers – You need an encourager to realise your dreams, visions and goals. Barnabas played a big role in helping Saul to become great in ministry, being ready to put his reputation at stake for Paul (Acts 4:36-37). We all need an encourager like Barnabas.
  2. Hand Lifters – They are those whose hands are strong enough to hold yours up when you are weak. These are people like Hur and Aaron, they are valuable people, always involved but often invisible. They are investors, they invest everything about their life so that you can make it.
  3. Destiny Helpers – People who provide shoulders for you, upon which you can ride to fulfil your dreams and destiny. (Mark 2:1)
  4. The Givers – You need givers, those that are willing to sacrifice and give in every way. They are not looking for you to give in return but they just want to give to you. (2 Corinthians 8:1-2) 
  5. Receivers – These ones are different from your routine takers and serial beggars. You can’t be blessed if you don’t give and if you can’t give there won’t be those to receive. No all lands according to the parable of the sower are fruitful lands; not all hands that receive command blessings. You need those whose hands will trigger blessings in abundance in your life.
  6. Prayer Conquerors – You need more that prayer warriors in 2016. Many prayer warriors pray from their head but prayer conquerors pray for you from their heart and they conquer.
  7. The Recommenders – These are those who mention your name in quarters where your skills, talent, potential and gifting’s will be celebrated. (1 Samuel 16:17)
  8. The Correctors – Somebody like Paul that will correct your Peter. (Galatians 2:11-14)
  9. The Committed – These set of people stand with you whether things are up or down.
  10. The Loyal – They are the Jonathan to your David, they are completely loyal that they won’t betray you. (1 Samuel 20:2, 4, 27-32)
  11. Truth Tellers: They will tell you the simple truth; they will not call night day nor day night and by so doing hasten your arrival at your desired goal. John 19:6, Isaiah 59:14
  12. Those ones believe that life is not just about them alone, it’s about you too. They are not self-centred.
  13. The Reliable – You can count on them when it counts most. Genesis 39:6a
  14. The Contented – They are satisfied with whatever they get from you
  15. Lovers and Pursuers of God and Godly Life – If your associates are people that are sinners they will disconnect you from God. You need godly people around you because if you don’t do things in God’s way, they are people that come around and would never allow you to be disconnected from God. (1 Tim 4:12)

As we continue this year, I pray that you will meet all these 15 set of people in Jesus name. Without these, one can’t be easily connected to that actualization of your dream.


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    owolabi says

    Your comment: I pray that God will continuously shower His blessings upon your ministry .the message is a timely message.

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