Be filled with the fullness of God

By Pastor Segun Doherty
And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.” – Ephesians 3:19

It is very important as we live in this dispensation to be filled with the fullness of God, so that peradventure Jesus comes or calls us home we will be ready to make heaven. Everything about God is in abundance, it’s like a flood. That’s why some people call him the almighty. You will always see the expression “full” being used about God. Examples are He’s merciful that means He’s full of mercy; He’s faithful means He’s full of faith; He’s wonderful means He’s full of wonder; He’s powerful means He’s full of power. We are serving a God that’s full.

What’s fullness? Fullness is the state of being filled to capacity; having excess or overflow. Likewise, being filled with the fullness of God means to be filled with God to overflow. God wants us to have excess of Him, which isn’t happening in our age and day. We are to be filled with all the fullness of God. God’s desire for us is to benefit from His fullness. God is so full that no matter how much of Him you enjoy, there will still be excess. God wants us to beneficiary of His peace, power, wonder, grace, abundance and blessings.

Why do we need the fullness of God?

  1. We need to enjoy the fullness of God so that we can be blessing to His kingdom. God has not saved us to enjoy it alone, you have to be a blessing and not a liability in His kingdom. Salvation without prosperity is hypocrisy.
  2.  So that we can be a blessing to other people. You are just a custodian for what God has given you. (John 3:27)
  3.  Because there’s an enemy that always looking for an opportunity to kill or destroy you. The bible calls him the roaring lion, the devil.
  4.  As human beings we are limited in life, we have limited knowledge and resources and that’s why the bible says we prophesy in part; however, being filled with the fullness of God makes you limitless as our God is unlimited. The moment that happens, God adds His “super” to our lives to become super extraordinary.
  5.  Only the fullness of God can end sorrow in your life. (Daniel 3)
  6.  Only the fullness of God can heal any sickness or disease. (Jeremiah 8:2, Isaiah 53:5)

Scriptural examples of people filled with the fullness of God

  1. Abraham – God made Abraham very rich that he was blessed in all things. (Genesis 24:1)
  2. Hannah – She was barren, at Shiloh she had an encounter but didn’t turn to her husband or the priest. She turned to God. It’s amazing that after Samuel, she had five more children. 
  3.  Bartimaeus – God made him who was blind to gain his sight. (Mark 5)
  4.  The widow who lost her son, had him restored back to life by Jesus(Luke 7:11-17)
  5.  Daniel – He was filled with the fullness of God that king Nebuchadnezzar had to call him to interpret his dream (Daniel 11:32)
  6.  The Children of Israel – God gave them manner in the wilderness for 40 years

How do you connect to God’s fullness?

  1. You must be born again. (John 3:16)
  2. You must be prayerful. (2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Luke 15:1)
  3.  You must be full and filled with His word. (Joshua 1:8, Colossians 3:16)
  4.  You must always be thankful and grateful to God. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
  5.  You must be an addicted sacrificial giver. (Luke 6:38)
Anyone that’s not filled with the fullness of God, should not expect to reign with Him in eternity. If you are not yet born again, decide to follow Christ now as tomorrow might be too late. 

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